Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is the most labor-intensive crop on the Herndon menu.  It takes a “mule train”of 45 workers on the ground to pull the ears from the stalk at the exact day and hour for optimum flavor. After sorting, stacking and boxing, the corn goes to the Hydro-cooler and chilled to 36 degrees Fahrenheit before shipment in refrigerated trucks across the country.

A recent crop was a record-breaker, yielding 400-500 bushels per acre. Sweet corn is planted starting in late February at intervals for harvesting and shipment through the summer. The Yellow, White and Bi-Color can be packed in Crates or RPC’s.

Herndon Farms has a state of the art Hydro cooler to maintain fresh-from-the-farm crispiness and flavor to dinner tables across the country.

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