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Sweet Potatoes

The most recent crop to our farm is actually one of the oldest vegetables known to man. As part of the Morning Glory Family, the Sweet Potatoe grows underground, like a carrot and is considered to be a storage root. Sweet Potatoes do best in warm temperature and planted in loose sandy soil with good drainage. This vegetable is an excellent sourse of calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, & C.

Here in Southeast Georgia we grow the covington variety sweet potatoe reconized by its rose colored skin and the supersweet orange flesh. Compared with other varieties the covington has a longer shelf life and a more uniform shape. Each Sweet Potatoes is hand harvested and handled with care as it makes its way into our state of the art packing facility.

At our packing facility we employ a kerian sizer to turn field run sweet potaotes into marketable sizes for fresh market or for processing.  Our retail options are 40lb cartons, RPC’s, and bulk loads. We can customize sizing depending on the specific needs of our customers. Once we begin harvest in late October, we will have Sweet Potatoes available through January.


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