Vidalia® Sweet Onions
Vidalia® Sweet Onions remain the most sought-after sweet onions on the market. In season, from April through August, Vidalias are easily recognized by their flatter shape and bright yellow skin. Grown in the hospitable South Georgia soil, the crop is planted every winter with the knowledge and determination to only bring the very best Vidalias to the market year after year! After 65 days the young onions are transplanted into the fields. Around the third week in April, tasty Vidalias are dug and shipped all across US. Planting is staggered so that harvesting continues for several weeks. Recent crops have been exceptional, yielding 500 – 700 bushels per acre, compared to 400 bushels average. Onions not sold immediately are put in cold storage or controlled atmosphere storage and sold through the summer into August and September.